Human Brands Group, is a diversified holding company in the premium spirit, wine and beer sector with a primary focus on distribution, brand development and strategic acquisitions in North America, Asia and the U.K/Western Europe.

The Company commenced operations in 2014 and at present operates within the United States and Asia, the largest and fastest growing beverage markets in the world. Our expansion capital is supporting new operations in Hong Kong, China and adding to our US distribution with 21 new states.


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The company is presently offering accredited investors an opportunity to invest under Regulation D, Section 506(C).


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Human Brands

Human Brands

Demand for premium brands is driving growth and transforming the multi-billion dollar liquor industry.

Human Brands, and its subsidiaries, were created to exploit opportunities arising from this growth and change.

The Company was founded on three key pillars:

1) Build Distribution - create a vast network of sales channels in key markets around the world.

2) Build Brand Portfolio - focus on high growth categories, develop brands, to sell into the distribution channels.

3)  Marketing - build the brand stories and drive growth.

The goal is to position each brand for a buyout.


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